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Welcome to TrailWise TrailWise aims to bring together people in the UK who are interested in Rights of Way, to share their knowledge and experience. The system records the location of Rights of Way along with a collection of information about each route.

Motorists - please always act responsibly. Recognised codes of conduct, like the LARA CofC should be your guide.

'Phytophthora ramorum' and 'Sudden Oak Death' - trail users, particularly in the South, West and Wales, may find steps taken to limit the spread of these plant diseases. Please observe any precautions advertised on the ground - particularly about transfer via mud.
Forestry Commission Information

Notice There has been an issue with the 'contact' process, if you have sent any query within the last few weeks we would ask that you please re-send as e-mail has been mis-delivered by our provider. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Offline Exporter for registered users - download exporter application - now with GPX support. Version 1.1 has been current since 11/10/2013, available at this link
More about exporting in the 'PC mapping' FAQ.


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