If you have previously been registered at some time with TrailWise, please use the process outlined in the 'Previously Registered' FAQ to re-activate or upgrade your original registration, instead of using this form.

User New User Registration


Please use the form on this page to register with TrailWise.
You won't be able to register this way without a Registration Key issued by your parent organisation.

Items marked with a * must be given!


hintReal Name Your real name, in ordinary Firstname Lastname form.

hintLog-in name A chosen name to log-in to the system with. Minimum 4 characters, only alphanumeric, stop and underscore characters please.
Try to avoid something too obvious like 'Fred' to avoid others accidentally generating password reminder emails for you, 'Fred.Flintstone' would be better.

hintEmail address You must supply a valid email address to which you have access, or you will not be able to use this system.
More on why we need this in the 'Email' FAQ

hintEnabled Body Only members of certain Clubs, Organisations or recognised bodies may self-register with TrailWise for full entitlement. These are known as 'Enabled Bodies'.

hintMembership number You don't have to enter your membership number for this Club or Organisation (you may not even have one!) but you may find that will cause you a problem later, when your TrailWise registration needs renewal. (optional, but recommended)

hintPostcode This needs to match the Postcode you supplied to your member organization; take care with I and 1, O and 0(zero), correct spacing, etc.
We require all users to supply their postcode.

hintRegistration Key This key will have been supplied to you by an officer of your member Organisation. TrailWise do not supply this to you.

If you don't have a Registration Key, TrailWise cannot issue one to you.
You need to get it from your own organisation or club.
See this FAQ.