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Please do not add any user information until further notice. This is while we do some maintenance on the database.

Welcome to TrailWise Trailwise is owned and maintained by the Green Lane Association Limited, and provides this service to the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) and Countryside Access for the Less Mobile (CALM). It aims to bring together people in the UK who are interested in Rights of Way, to share their knowledge and experience. The system records the location of Rights of Way along with a collection of information about each route.

TrailWise users - As you will all be aware many parts of the country have experienced unprecedented amounts of rainfall in the last few months. In many areas the water table is well up to ground level. As a result many of our lanes are flooded or extremely wet. So please consider this before planning any trips until such time as there has been a chance for the ground to dry out.

Please remember that a few vehicle tracks in ground conditions that are unsuitable will remain and be seen for a long time. So seek out sustainable routes in your area, but remember these may become overused as a result.

Motorists - please always act responsibly. Recognised codes of conduct, like the LARA CofC should be your guide.

OS Mapping - we are pleased to announce the launch of the first phase of OS maps within TrailWise. You now have the option to open an OS map window from any lane detail or text results page. Further developments will follow as the OS maps are developed as an alternative to the current Google maps.

Click here for the map key for OS and Google maps.


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